Our netiquette defines what rules of conduct exist in our comment sections. Both we as an organizaion and anyone who comments on our posts on Facebook or other platforms must abide by these rules. With these guidelines we want to contribute to a factual and friendly discussion culture on our platforms.

We reserve the right to delete posts that do not correspond to our netiquette.

  1. We do not tolerate discrimination and defamation of individuals and groups, especially because of their religion, origin, nationality, physical condition, income, sexual identity, age or gender.
  2. We do not tolerate any comments that are offensive, pornographic or threatening.
  3. We do not tolerate the dissemination of National Socialist terminology.
  4. We do not tolerate the dissemination of suspicions, insinuations or theories that are not verifiable and can not be substantiated by arguments or credible sources.
  5. We reserve the right to delete links should they not contribute to the discussion or lead to web pages that do not correspond to our netiquette.
  6. Jugend Rettet is not responsible for linked content.
  7. We do not tolerate advertising for goods and services.
  8. We will delete constant repetitions of the same content or spam.
  9. We do not tolerate the publishing of personal information, such as addresses or telephone numbers. Publishing private correspondence is also undesirable.
  10. Comments that turn out to be false or untrue will be deleted later.

We reserve the right to ban users who violate these rules by higher degrees from our platforms.

We hope for lively and factual discussions and contributions on all our platforms. With our rules of conduct, we do not want to discriminate against or specifically exclude anyone from the discourse, but only want to ensure a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for discussion.

No users have the right to publish their contributions. Nor do we have to justify ourselves if we delete comments or posts, especially if they are clearly in violation of our netiquette.