JUGEND RETTET is a network of young people who have organized themselves to fight against dying in the Mediterranean. We bought a ship, the IUVENTA, and have already saved more than 14,000 people from distress. In this way, we are countering the humanitarian catastrophe and collective European failure.
On the 1st of August, the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) ordered the IUVENTA to Lampedusa. Subsequently, it was seized by Italian authorities. The day before, we refused to sign the so-called Code of Conduct of the Italian government, which would have forced us to break international maritime law.


The aim of European migration policy is to close the humanitarian corridor. In order to achieve this, the NGOs active in the Mediterranean will be kept from rescue operations. The situation escalated in a campaign of slander and criminalisation, which falsely accused us of co-operation with smugglers.
As a rescue organisation, we observe the instructions of the responsible authority, the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, in Italy. Our rescue missions are based on international maritime law and are based on internationally recognised humanitarian principles.
The Italian prosecutor's office uses statements and accusations from right-wing circles with the intention of sealing off fortress Europe even more brutally at its external borders. Dubious evidence from the sphere of the right-wing extremist Identitarian movement is used in the politically motivated campaign against the NGOs.


In the Libyan civil war various militia are fighting for power. The so-called Libyan coast guard is part of a civil war division and is supported by European states. This Libyan coast guard, under threat of violence, prohibits the unauthorised travel on international waters, and disregards applicable and established sea and international law. People who are apprehended when crossing to Europe end up in detention camps with catastrophic conditions, are subjected to massive violence, and human rights violations. Last year more than five thousand people were been killed while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.


Europe does not accept any responsibility for the indescribable suffering at our external borders, and neither allows safe escape routes nor state rescue programs. Instead, the European states are now financing the people who were ruthless smugglers yesterday, so that they can stop those fleeing over the crossing today. Meanwhile, we are prevented from documenting the humanitarian catastrophe with our rescue missions and from saving human lives. However, we will not stop criticising the deadly logic of European migration policy. Now, more than ever, we are dependent on your support! Show your solidarity and raise your voice for us. You can help us through small actions: share our message! Get in touch with us - with a comment or a banner.
Only together can we make it possible for the IUVENTA to save lives.

#FreeIUVENTA - Sea Rescue is not a Crime


2018/12/16: Meeting of Jugend Rettet IUVENTA embassies

Good if you can laugh at yourself #foreveryoung
A wonderful weekend in Hanover comes to an end: since Friday, ambassadors from more than 10 cities have jointly evaluated the last months, discussed and forged plans for the new year. We have fueled up to defy the current abuses and the escalating criminalization. A big thank you to all our fantastic messages that bring Jugend Rettet IUVENTA to life! <3

Ambassadors in front of store "Baby Store"

2018/12/13: Nomination for Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by European Parliament

Common Statement:
As search and rescue organisations, we are grateful that thanks to the initiative of the Socialists and Democrats Group, we were nominated for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. This nomination is acknowledging the vital role which NGOs have played in saving human lives during the past years. Last year alone, NGOs have conducted about 40% of the rescues in the Central Mediterranean.
This year constitutes an extraordinary year for the protection of human rights - and simultaneously their devaluation - as it marks the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. However, in light of current EU migration policies, there is no cause for celebration. Over 2.100 people died this year, trying to reach safety in Europe. EU member states should use this anniversary to evaluate European migration policies with regards to the values agreed by the international community after the atrocities of the Second World War.
As NGOs, it is our role to critically remind the EU member states of the deadly consequences of their policies and of their legal responsibilities, and to shed light on human rights violations taking place in the Central Mediterranean at this very moment.
We are representing European civil society and jointly stand for and defend the most basic principle of all: every single life is of equal value and worth saving.

Full statement

2018/11/26: Solidary greetings from Ut-Vitam

We received solidary greetings from the NGO Ut-Vitam from Togo.

Photo and Greeting

2018/11/24: IUVENTA crew nominated for International Maritime Rescue Federation award

While 10 of our crew members are under investigation in Italy, the entire crew of our IUVENTA was nominated for their outstanding contribution to civil service by the International Maritime Rescue Federation - IMRF.
This recognition of commitment and professionalism makes us especially happy at this very moment, when investigations are ongoing against our volunteers, ships are being seized and the SAR NGOs are being used as scapegoats for a failed migration policy.

IMRF Award nomination certificate

2018/11/21: "Saving lives is not a crime." - United Nations in Geneva

The United Nations have called on Italy to respect human rights and not to interfere with rescue organizations.
In a detailed letter from eleven Special Rapporteurs, the UN calls on Italy not to further criminalize humanitarian aid and abide by international rules.

Statement of the UN

2018/11/21: Jugend Rettet IUVENTA stands in solidarity with SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders

"This is another strike in the series of attacks criminalising humanitarian aid at sea. The tragic current situation is leading to an absence of humanitarian search and rescue vessels operating in the central Mediterranean, while the mortality rate is on the rise" says Frederic Penard, SOS MEDITERRANEE Head of Operations.
We stand in solidarity with SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders. Following the seizure of the IUVENTA and ongoing investigations against our crew, the Italian criminalization campaign reaches yet another peak of absurdity.

2018/11/13: "Investigations against private maritime rescuers" - report in the NDR

The Italian public prosecutor investigates 10 former crew members of our ship, the IUVENTA.
They talked about it with the NDR.

To the video (German)

2018/11/11: Death toll for crossing the Mediterranean has risen almost twelve-fold compared to September of last two years

Chart death rates

The death toll for crossing the Mediterranean has increased almost twelve-fold compared to September of the last two years.

We demand: A government rescue program and an immediate end to the criminalization of humanitarian aid. To guarantee safe escape routes for all people.

2018/11/04: Donation and information booth at the "Konzert-Klangbrücke Afrika-Europa" in Herzogenrath

At the "Konzert-Klangbrücke Afrika-Europa" in Herzogenrath we collected donations for our work. In addition, Eddi Hüneke (formerly Wise Guys), Petra Jansen (singer and journalist) and Warnee Poland (guitarist, among others, the Nina Hagen Band) spoke with our ambassadors about our work. It was a nice evening and we would like to thank the Eurode Youth Orchestra Herzogenrath for the invitation and the beautiful music!

2018/10/29: Participation in podium of the European Graduate School

Clemens sat on the podium at the European Graduate School and, together with other SAR experts, including Charles Heller of Forensic Architecture and Tamino of Sea-Watch, discussed the current situation of the SAR organizations.

2018/10/29: Our IUVENTA is chained for 453 days

For at least two years, Italian authorities are using the toughest means, such as eavesdropping telephones, listening bugs and smuggling covert investigators on other ships against us, without providing punishable evidence. For 453 days we could have saved people on the Mediterranean.

2018/10/27: Roller Derby in Potsdam

Paws up for the cats! Thank you Prussian Fat Cats - Roller Derby Potsdam for the invitation to the Derby - rolling against racism & for #freeIUVENTA!

2018/10/14: Interview with Captain Pia at Phoenix

Captain Pia also participated in two missions at the IUVENTA. She and nine other crew members are being investigated in Italy. In the interview with PHOENIX she talks about her motivation to continue anyway. Thank you for your commitment!


2018/10/12: Jugend RETTET IUVENTA participates at "unteilbar" Demonstration in Berlin

2018/09/29: Jugend RETTET IUVENTA participates at "We'll come united" Demonstration in Hamburg

2018/09/20: Position paper for summit in Salzburg

The motto of the EU summit in Salzburg "a Europe that protects" must not mean that only Europeans are protected. Isolation and the refusal to accept responsibility for those European values is a betrayal for the people in need of protection. Together with Sea-Watch, LIFELINE, Solidarity at sea, sea-eye and borderline europe - Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V. we developed a position paper: Link

2018/09/13: Participation in conference "Sea Rescue in the Mediterranean" at the Bundestag

We were participating with many colleagues in the conference "Sea Rescue in the Mediterranean" at the Bundestag in Berlin and discussed the criminalization of search and rescue: We finally need an end of the European policy of isolation!

2018/09/07: Nationwide participation in protests of "Seebrücke - Schafft sichere Häfen" ("pier - create safe havens")

Our embassy network is growing steadily and we are very grateful to each one of them. In these hard times, there are still many young people who can not simply watch as people drown, but the idea of practical solidarity moves them to action.
Therefore many are very active nationwide at "Seebrücke - Schafft sichere Häfen" ("pier - create safe havens"). At the European Protest Week in Munich, Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin and Bonn we were again numerously represented.

2018/08/24: Technical inspection of our IUVENTA

Our IUVENTA does not give up!
After a long wait we were finally able to do a short technical inspection yesterday and visit our ship. Contrary to our fears, the old lady shows very resistant and bravely fighting against rust and seawater.
We'll take an example and continue to fight. For it is also our world in which human dignity suddenly seems to be negotiable again. We as young Europeans have a different idea of what a liveable and caring society looks like. And an idea is not as easy to chain as a ship.


2018/08/02: Confiscation of our IUVENTA anniversary

One year. Our ship is in chains in Trapani, while dying in the Mediterranean continues - the death rate is higher than in years. We could be there now and save lives. Where is our ship?

Where is our ship?

2018/07/31: Italian ship illegally returns rescued shipwrecked to Libya

Yesterday, an Italian ship brought rescued shipwrecked people back to Libya - an illegal push-back action that leaves us speechless and angry.
Already in 2012, the ECtHR ruled that repelling people to Libya was illegal. For years, affected persons, NGOs, even German ambassadors have reported on the inhumane conditions in Libyan internment camps: violence, forced labor, rape and executions.

Report in The Guardian

2018/07/31: Donation from pupils of the Friedrich-List-Gymnasium

We are overwhelmed: The pupils of the Friedrich-List-Gymnasium have been awarded the Würzburg Peace Prize 2018 for their project Krass at the FLG-Gemünden and have collected more than 700€ for Jugend RETTET during the event: "We (... ) hope that IUVENTA can soon set sail again to save more human lives." Thank you!

2018/07/30: Open letter to the UNHCR

Today, together with other NGOs active in the Mediterranean, we have written an open letter to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. We expect the UNHCR to fulfill its most important task: the protection of refugees.

Open letter

2018/07/29: Support on the day of maritime rescue

Thank you Sea-Watch, sea-eye and Mission Lifeline for thinking of us and for your continued support! We hope that you and we can set sail again soon!
Especially on the day of maritime rescue the EU should not stop us, but support us in what we do!

Video (German)

2018/07/25: Call for Action to the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

A demand for the continuation of access to individual asylum rights in Europe.

Full Joint Statement

2018/07/09 PRESS RELEASE: SYSTEMATIC WALLS-UP POLICY: Investigations against crew members of Jugend Rettet e.V.

After the rescue ship IUVENTA of Jugend Rettet e.V. has been detained under the pretext of a preventive seizure last August, the Italian public prosecutor's office is now expanding its investigations against individual crew members of the organization. The criminalization of search and rescue organizations with the aim of a complete isolation of Europe shows once again its cruel and deterrent face.

2018/06/24 Joint Statement: Stop the Externalisation of European Borders

The civil rescue fleet urges the EU and its member states to stop the ongoing externalisation of their borders, carried out through a policy of containment of migration and pull-backs by proxy. Instead of focusing on the criminalisation of the civil rescue NGOs, we ask for solidarity amongst the European states (Art. 80 TFUE) and towards the people in need of international protection.

Full Joint Statement


Matteo Salvini's ambitions to close down Italian ports as a place of safety for NGO vessels and to hamper the work of NGOs, as well as to reduce rescue capacity, cost numerous lives again.

2018/04/24 Objection against seizure of IUVENTA rejected.

The First Criminal Section of the Cassation Court in Rome rejects objection to the seizure of IUVENTA by Jugend Rettet e.V. Despite the lack of evidence for the allegations against the organization and high death toll on the central Mediterranean route, the IUVENTA until further notice will not be able to operate.
A more detailed explanation of the decision is currently pending.

2018/04/23 Decision to release IUVENTA will be announced tomorrow morning.

The Cassation Court in Rome held this morning, but no decision has yet been announced. For our lawyers, it is clear that the allegations that have already been refuted by external experts do not meet the criteria for seizure of IUVENTA. By this evening, the judges will have made a decision. We will be informed of the outcome of the decision tomorrow morning.

2018/04/18 Jugend Rettet IUVENTA started petition website #right2rescue

Following statement can be signed on

"Confiscated ships don't safe any lives. We demand the immediate release of the IUVENTA. I herewith support the humanitarian work of civil search-and-rescue NGOs."

2018/04/17 Decision on the release of our IUVENTA on April 23rd in Rome

The decision on the release of our IUVENTA will take place on April 23rd in Rome. 973 people have died on the central Mediterranean route since the day of the, August 2nd. No evidence against us, nor against individual crew members is available to date. Various experts refuted the allegations of the Italian prosecutor.

If valid law will be spoken, then from April 23rd we can continue to do what we have been convinced of since the beginning: saving people from distress.

Photo Court of Cassation Rome

2018/04/16 Ship of the Proactiva Open Arms has been released!

The ship of the Proactiva Open Arms has been released! We are in good faith of being able to dedicate ourselves to saving people after April 23rd. See you soon, Proactiva Open Arms!

Post by Proactiva Open Arms

2018/04/12 Documentation "Shitstorm against Sea Rescuers: When Help Produces Hatred" was awarded a silver medal at the "New York TV & Film Festival".

The documentary "Shitstorm against Sea Rescuers" by ZDF was awarded a silver medal at the "New York TV & Film Festival".


2018/04/06 Video by Monitor: "Torturers and traffickers: Germany's brutal partners in Libya"

People flee from Libya via the Central Mediterranean route. In Libya, they mainly experience torture and ill treatment. Knowing about this state of affairs, the German Federal Government and the EU continue to cooperate with brutal militias. We demand a humane asylum policy!

Video by Monitor

2018/04/04 Italian Member of Parliament Erasmo Palazzotto on the ideological motives of the Italian prosecutors

On April 23rd the court in Rome decides on the confiscation of the IUVENTA. Member of Parliament Erasmo Palazzotto already finds clear words and speaks of ideological motives of the Italian prosecutor.


2018/03/30 Newsdeeply on Europe's dangerous policy at sea

Europe relinquishes control of the Mediterranean to civil war Libya. Why right and humanity are at stake is explained by Matteo of Amnesty International.


2018/03/26 Human Rights Watch on the confiscation of IUVENTA

Clear words from Human Rights Watch on the confiscation of IUVENTA. How can ships be confiscated while people continue to drown on the outskirts of Europe?


2018/03/22 Prospect Magazine: "Europe’s new anti-migrant strategy? Blame the rescuers"

Prospect Magazine on the criminalization campaign against rescue organizations on Europe's most dangerous escape route.


2018/03/21 Video by Monitor: "Allegations of torture against Libyan partners of the German Federal Government"

Torture allegations against Libyan partners of the German Federal Government. Monitor with the reaction from the Foreign Office.


2018/03/21 Press Statement: Seizure of the Spanish rescue ship Open Arms

Jugend Rettet is devastated by the actions of the Italian authorities and recognizes similarities between the confiscation of the rescue vessel of Proactiva Open Arms and the confiscation of IUVENTA.

Press Statement

2018/03/20 Solidarity from IsraAID

Sea rescue is still not a crime! Thanks to IsraAID, Refugee rescue and Lighthouse Relief for your solidarity on Lesbos.

2018/03/18 Ship of Proactiva Open Arms confiscated

As a matter of course state repressions against unpleasant NGOs are taking place in Europe: on August 2nd 2017, the IUVENTA was confiscated by the Italian authorities. To date, there are no charges against the organization or individuals. On March 18th, 2018, the ship of Proactiva Open Arms was detained. Instead of relying on constructive solutions in migration policy based on existing law and humanitarian values, the EU is simply trying to close the Central Mediterranean route by all means. The fact that the European Contracting States thereby break with international and human rights agreements, by people being rejected to Libya, is apparently accepted as well as the European cooperation with criminal structures in Libya. Human rights are valid for all people, irrespective of their legal status - and the criminalization of the people who support these rights is an intolerable situation.

Graphic "In Solidarity with Proactiva Open Arms"

2018/03/15 Article on "Brutal militia as a partner of Germany?"

"Germany is supporting Libya's government, especially to keep refugees away from the EU. According to Monitor an unpublished UN report now raises serious allegations against security forces in the country."

To the article

2018/03/15 Proactiva Open Arms threatened by "Libyan Coast Guard"

Proactiva Open Arms is threatened with weapons by the "Libyan Coast Guard" 73 nautical miles off the Libyan coast. They want Proactiva Open Arms to hand over the rescued people on board.

Post by Proactiva Open Arms

Mar. 13th: Case IUVENTA: Appointment at the Supreme Court of Cassation

On April 23rd the court in Rome will decide on the release of our Iuventa. On that day we will go into second instance against the seizure and demand the immediate return of our rescue ship. We are certain that the allegations of the public prosecutor's office lack any legal basis, that our crews have always adhered to applicable law and have worked in a highly professional manner and that they have done nothing wrong. Over the last few months, we have had the allegations repeatedly reviewed not only internally but also externally, and the interviewed experts agree with us on all points raised, which prove our innocence. That is why 8 months after the confiscation we are sure: The Iuventa must be released.
In addition to the encouragement of international organizations and experts, we are especially encouraged by you!
The confiscation as a legal instrument is a political measure. We will not accept that. We are not alone in our fight. Together with other organizations, we not only fight for our Iuventa, but also for a humane right of migration! We say: #freeiuventa! #RechtaufFlucht!

Mar. 7th: "Forensic Architecture" analysed the IUVENTA case

With the help of video material and a scientific analysis, the "Forensic Architecture" team has recreated the case surrounding the IUVENTA. The results: How the Italian authorities are presenting the case differs clearly from what actually happened.

To the analysis

Feb. 27th: Sea rescue NGOs present Joint Statement in Brussels

The central Mediterranean route is still the most dangerous escape route in the world. Criminalization of rescues and escape do not provide any relief. In Brussels, we have now submitted a joint statement to the EU. What would speak against these points? Together with borderline europe - Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V., Watch The Med - Alarmphone, Sea-Watch, LIFELINE Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario and RESQSHIP we ask the EU: Are we the scapegoats of the failed EU policy?

Joint Statement

Joint Statement by Sea Rescue NGOs

Feb. 23rd: Report of German parliament suggests that European ships prevent the rescue of refugees

"The report basically states that it is not just the Libyan coast guards who commit human rights violations. But also European warships. And possibly also the Italian distress control centre in Rome."

To the article

Feb. 9th: Jugend Rettet at reading and discussion "Dictators as bouncers of Europe" in Augsburg

Reading with Christian Jakob: Dictators as bouncers in Europe - How the EU is moving its borders to Africa ("Diktatoren als Türsteher Europas – Wie die EU ihre Grenzen nach Afrika verlagert").

Feb. 4th: Report by "Monitor" on the IUVENTA case

Report by "Monitor" on the IUVENTA case, the procedures of the Italian Public Prosecutor's Office and the lack of evidence.

To the report

Feb. 2nd: Jugend Rettet "Hate Slam"

On this Hate Slam event individuals and organisations share hate comments they received and compete against professional slammers.
The best contribution will receive the first Bernd Höcke award.

Jan. 31st: Kettcar collecting donations for Jugend Rettet on their tour

Kettcar are collecting donations for us on their current tour. We like to thank all of our supporters for the ongoing solidarity and the power you are giving us to continue our work in times like these.

Jan. 30th: Article by Jib Collective on the missing evidence in the case IUVENTA

There is no evidence to justify the confiscation of Iuventa. The Jib Collective has summarized the events chronologically:

To the article

Jan. 28th: Sea rescue NGOs call for Social Media Action Day #RechtaufFlucht (Right to Asylum)

"Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution." - Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 14. Users of Social Media are called to share photos, statements, stories and videos in support of the organisations' efforts for the right of asylum.

Video by Sea-Watch

Jan. 25th: Report in "Monitor" on the IUVENTA case

To the report

Jan. 17th: "Rescuers in the Mediterranean" on German TV ZDF

Julian was one of our crew members on the Mediterranean. He is currently in charge of the Sea-Watch 3 and reports on ZDF about the currently escalating situation at sea.

To the report

Jan. 26th: Commentary in the "Tagesschau" on the isolation of Europe

Europe is shutting itself off. But at what price?
Falling numbers of arrivals can only be achieved by keeping people where they face torture, violence and terror. We will not be watching.

To the commentary by Georg Restle

Jan. 11th: Report in "Monitor": "Deadly Sea Rescue: The Brutal Operations of the Libyan Coast Guard in the Mediterranean"

This frightening report from "Monitor" shows how the EU is making deals with a desolate "state": the European external border thus expands across the Mediterranean. The victims are people drowning in attempts to reach Europe.

To the report


Dec. 22nd: Workshop on sea rescue

"This is IUVENTA – all hands to stations!"
As part of the 11th federal congress in cooperation with the federal agency of medicine students in Germany ("bvmd") in Mainz we held a workshop on sea rescue. We spoke about the challenges of unsalaried SAR work and discussed real, medical case reports from our mission experience.

Oct. 25th: Präses Rekowski calls for recognition and support for civilian rescue organisations

"Not the necessary commitment to human life has changed, but the political climate" - Präses Manfred Rekowski, Evangelical Church in Germany, supports our demands.

Oct. 24th: Political youth organizations support the joint appeal of the sea rescue organizations to change direction in refugee policy

The youth parties of the Green Party (Grüne Jugend), Left (Linksjugend ['solid]) and Social Democrats (Jusos in der SPD) paint a new picture about the role of Germany in migration issues: They speak out for us and point to the responsibility of the EU.

Oct. 23rd: Joint statement to Germany's coming federal government: Sea rescue organizations demand a change of direction in refugee policy (German)

Oct. 12th: JUGEND RETTET appeals the seizure of the IUVENTA at the Rome Court of Cassation

Oct. 8th: VUT Award 2017 Böhmermann x Feine Sahne Fischfilet auctioned off for Jugend Rettet IUVENTA

Jan Böhmermann and Feine Sahne Fischfilet auctioned off their award to support us with the proceeds. Together with Böhmermann's price money and additions by Feine Sahne Fischfilet the whole donation consists of more than 5.000€!
We are looking forward to meet the highest bidder on the harbour cruise in Hamburg together with Feine Sahne. ❤
Thanks for your support! #freeIUVENTA

Oct. 5th: Auction VUT Award 2017 Böhmermann x Feine Sahne Fischfilet

Jan Böhmermann and Feine Sahne Fischfilet auction off their award to support us with the proceeds. ❤
While Böhmermann will give his price money on top to the proceeds, Feine Sahne Fischfilet offer a place on their guest list for the highest bidder and we'll invite him_her to a harbour cruise in Hamburg with a real IUVENTA captain and our 3x5 meter #FreeIUVENTA banner!
To make it even more exciting we invite Böhmi and Feine Sahne Fischfilet to also attend the harbour cruise!

To the auction

Sept. 12th: Free IUVENTA - Sea Rescue is not a Crime

Sept. 29th: Solidarity party "Monvmental" in Rostock

April 5th: The IUVENTA starts it's 3rd mission in 2017

March 17th: Suddenly: Mail from the Ministry of the Interior...

Part 1 (german)
Part 2 (german)

March 16th: Mission De Maizière was finished and was able to rescue 110 people.


December 12th New hoodies, zippers, beanies and shirts

Our new merch is here! Among new hoodies, shirts and zippers you can now also get beanies:

December 3rd-4th Crew meeting in Berlin

Our crews were able to save 6.526 lives. We all met last weekend again to evaluate the missions and to optimize our processes. Our common goal is less deaths in the Mediterranean.

December 1st We do not want gifts

Dear EU, we have a Christmas wish: we want a state sea rescue program. We are pupils, trainees and students. We are simply young people. We want you to rescue people in maritime emergency on the Mediterranean. With numerous supporters we were able to rescue more than 6500 lives from drowning. We need any support, because you, dear EU, you will probably not fulfill our Christmas wish. We do not want gifts. We want fewer deaths.

November 29th The IUVENTA reached her winter storage in Croatia

The IUVENTA reached her winter storage in Croatian. She'll get reconstructed again in February as we need a new crane and also new dinghies. Furthermore we want to use our crews' experience to adjust her for the rescues. With our colleagues of Rainbow for Africa we optimize our hospital for a more efficient medical care. Next spring she'll head for the Med again.

November 23rd 6.526 saved lives

With Mission Diversity our last mission for this year is over. We were able to accomplish seven missions in 2016. Thank you very, very much to everyone who was a part of our crews. You made our theoretical considerations come true and saved 6.526 lives. Furthermore we would like to say thank you to everyone who helped that the Iuventa is a rescue ship now: our numerous donors, everyone who helped during the resconstruction and also a big thank you to our ambassadors and ambassadresses who do not only make sure Jugend Rettet gets more and more popular, but also collected so many donations. From the first day on, Jugend Rettet was for everyone to participate and we're grateful and proud what we achieved together. THANK YOU!

November 23rd Mission Diversity done

Our crew of Mission Diversity is back safe and sound. Guys, thank you so much for your great effort and the rescue of 393 lives!

November 18th Humany Tee: Short's story

Together with Humany Tee and Studio Flox we produced this little video to tell Short’s story and why every shirt matters: → Link By the way: 80% of Humany Tee’s revenue goes to Jugend Rettet.

November 17th 100 people rescued

This morning the MRCC called our crew to an emergency situation with 100 people on a rubber boad. Despite severe weather conditions with 1.5 - 2 metre high waves, the rescue went well and everyone came on board safely.

November 15th Tough rescue with many deaths

The Iuventa is currently together with the Maersk Erin in a difficult use - A rubber boat capsized. The 23 survivors are on board of the Maersk Erin. 100 people are missing. The crews are searching for survivors in the water and recovering dead bodies. Our thoughts are with the victims and everyone involved of this catastrophe.

November 14th Ambassadors from Engstingen collect 3066,93€

Our two ambassadors for Engstingen, Aron and Jeremias, started their first big campaign at different schools last weekend. This brought together 3066,95€! 
We're very proud of these two and grateful for anyone who donated so generously. Great Work!

November 12th 140 people rescued

140 people were rescued today. Among them two pregnants. Our medical team of R4A took care of them and further supplied several burns, one broken arm and a girl with fever. The Aquarius of SOS MEDITERRANEE took all of them on board.
Furthermore our crew was a part of saving six rubber boats yesterday. More info to come.

November 11th Mission Diversity leaves Valletta

Our seventh and therefore last crew for this year left Valletta last night. The mission runs under the name Diversity. Cultural diversity mustn't be a reason for fear and origin must never be a reason for hate. Diversity doesn't take anything from us. To us diversity is the big gain for a society. Willingness to a diverse society is characterised by welcoming of people with open arms instead of defending borders. As different as we all may be, the ability to act human unites us all.

November 10th 2016 deadliest year for refugees on the Med

"More than 4.200 people have lost their lives in the Mediterranean this year or are missing. Already two months before the end of the year, 2016 is the year with most deaths in the Mediterranean. (...) Each and single one of these people have a story and a face. They escape wars, discrimination, violence and the lack of resources." We demand the EU to overtake responsibility! Source (german): MSF

November 10th Andronikos' circumnavigation around the island of Lesbos ended

Yesterday Andronikos' circumnavigation around the island of Lesbos ended - for the moment. His autumn holidays are over and Andronikos has to return to school. He is, however, planning to complete the rest of his circumnavigation in his Christmas holidays. An exciting and successful week is over: he sailed from Molivos in the north of the island to the small village of Nifida on the Gulf of Kaloni in the south. One night Andronikos spent with young refugees in their quaters. His commitment and solidarity is admirable. Thank you, Andronikos!

November 7th Skipper Uli passes the commando to Kai

After four missions our Skipper Uli passes the IUVENTA over to our new Skipper Kai. Thank you very, very much for your great engagement and perseverance, Uli! All the best to Kai and thank you for your support!

November 6th Mission Dignity completed - 2733 people rescued

The mission was unbelievably demanding, mentally as physically, long stretches without any sleep, but yet with indescribable success. Within seven operating days we were able to save 2733 lives, of which we gave 1293 people protection on board of the IUVENTA, medical supply, water and food. Our medical team of Rainbow 4 Africa took care of bullet wounds, complicated fractures, heavily pregnants in critical condition and numerous - partly severe - combustions. Some cases of seasickness were successfully treated, too. Two female patients urgently had to get picked up by a helicopter of the Italian marine and were brought to a hospital on Malta. Again all boats were overloaded and therefore in a critical condition. The tubes of several boats collapsed due to too much weight. Luckily our RIB was always on-site to rescue the people quickly and safely. As it already happened during Mission Unity, the boats appeared at any day and night time, which lead to search and rescue even when it was pitch black. Together with our two RIBs we managed to find every boat and rescue everyone. We can not say thank you enough to our crew of Mission Dignity. We're proud of you!

November 4th 840 people rescued

Since 2am our crew is in use again. An emergency call from the MRCC woke the crew to take their position. With many lookouts, our dinghy in the water and the help of the Bourbon Argos (MSF) we managed to discover the first boat and supplied everyone with life jackets. The Bourbon Argos took everyone on board. According to the people they started with two boats, so we continued the search for the second one. Almost simultaneously another call from the MRCC came in to tell us about another boat. It was sighted north of the 15nm zone and got supplied with life jackets, too. The Bourbon Argos took all of them on board again. 09:55am ... 6 rubber boats later. The Iuventa, Minden (LifeBoat), Bourbon Argos and Topaz Responder (MOAS) are still in use. The Iuventa took 140 people on board. All in all 840 were rescued within 8 hours. Right now our RIB is shuttling people from a rubber boat to Topaz Responder. The LCG is assisting them.

November 3rd Rescue of 420 people

UNHCR informs that 239 people are missing after the catastrophe between Libya and Italy yesterday evening. Today was a rough day as well. Our crew of „Mission Dignity“ assisted rescuing 420 people from maritime emergency. All passengers were brought to the Phoenix of MOAS safely. Right now our crew is still busy with ongoing rescue missions. Catastrophes like the one that happened yesterday can be avoided: By safe and legal passages! We demand action from European governments and the civil society right now!

October 29th Refugee Rescue Solidarity Party in Berlin

Berlin! The next must-attend event for everyone who likes to combine doing good and celebrating is coming: Tilman dedicates his 25th birthday to us and invites everyone to Loophole Berlin next Saturday. Thank you, Tilman! More information.

October 28th 15-year-old Greek starts charity circumnavigation

The 15-year-old Andronikus, so far the youngest supporter of Jugend Rettet e.V., will start a symbolic charity circumnavigation of his native island Lesbos on 28th October 2016 to draw attention to the dying on the Mediterranean. "With my circumnavigation I would like to help Jugend Rettet to proceed with their missions successfully, because every person in maritime emergency deserves rescue. Each of us can support this in his or her way through actions like this or through donations. Jugend Rettet shows this in a way that impressed me deeply and will be an example for me for a lifetime,“ Andronikos explains.

October 27th More rescues

The current situation on the Mediterranean can hardly be described. Not a day goes by without at least one rescue and our crew gets hardly any time to rest and recover from these strenuous missions. Due to extreme weather conditions the situation gets more and more dangerous for the fleeing, too. Our crew took 169 people from a rubber and a wooden boat on board yesterday. One person could only be brought out of the rubber boat dead. Furthermore our team helped retrieving one more corpse out of the water. Only 2h after finishing their use and the guests got handed over for their transport to the VOS Hestia, another emergency call reached our crew of Mission Dignity. Since this night the Iuventa is in use with again 280 between 300 guets on board. Among them two pregnant women, about to give birth.

October 25th Mission Dignity in continuous use

As soon as our crew of reached the SAR zone they were is in continuous use. Already on sunday an emergency call about two rubber boats reached the crew. Luckily both boats were stable. We distributed life jackets and took all 279 people on board. Unfortunately there were many dehydrated and exhausted people as well as persons with severe burns so that our medical team of Rainbow4Africa was very busy. Due to long discussions with the MRCC in Rome it took a while until we had a solution to transport the rescued. Only at five past ten in the evening the rescued got handed over to the Spanish coast guard. We wish everyone an onward journey. Yesterday 268 people were taken on board and handed over to a Maltese warship shortly after midnight. Only 15 minutes later the next emergency call came in. All the other NGOs are in continuous use, too. Unbelievable that private organizations have to do all this work.

October 21st Start of Mission Dignity

"Human dignity is inviolable" that's how it is written in Article 1 of the Constitution. It's hard to trust this sentence, while the European Union forces people to take such a dangerous rout like the one via the Mediterranean. This why we try to at least keep a little dignity alive by not letting them drown. We see it as our duty to support people on the run instead of turning away from them. To safe and respect the dignity of every single human also means to avoid shocking pictures of people in the water who fear for their lives.

October 14th Mission Unity finished

Welcome back to our amazing crew of Mission Unity! Thank you for your great effort and the rescue of 423 lives.

October 14th 148 people rescued

130 people were held by our crew of the current mission Unity from a rubber boat and another 18 from a wooden boat. Our crew supplied them with water, food and medicine. We wish them all the best for their future.

October 12th Rescue under difficult conditions

In the night of the 12th to 13th October our crew was part of rescuing 126 people. The rescue was not only because it was pitch black outside extremely difficult, but also due to high waves and strong wind. The weather pushed the rubber boat back into Libyan territorial waters. Yet there was not much time to think as MOAS drone showed that one tube already bursted and people slipped into the water. Together with Proactiva, Boat Refugee Foundation and MOAS our RIB shuttled the rescued to the Phoenix. 17 people, among them a four-year old could not get rescued.

October 7th Rescue of 132 people

132 people were saved from a robber boat - among them a family with four kids, who were extremely happy about their new cuddly toys.

October 5th Rescue of 30 people

30 people, who were on a wooden boat, were rescued by our crew of Mission Unity 50nm off the Libyan coast. The people were already at sea for two days. At some point the motor broke. Everyone was taken on board of the Iuventa, where they also spent the night until they were handed over to the Italian coast guard.

October 4th Start of Mission Unity

As part of the the Day of Reunification of Germany, we want it to point out that borders - if they are in the heads of people or on maps - can never justify that people have to fear for their lives. As a group of young Europeans we trust in the power of a unified European commitment. We need to hold on to our democratic and humanitarian values which are unfortunately at the moment too often discussed and questioned.

October 4th Photos of Mission Humanity

On our last mission, Mission Humanity, we had Zohra Bensemra by Reuters on board, whose images have been published on Reuters and were also conducted during the last week under the heading "Pictures of the day" at The Wall Street Journal:

September 30th Mission Humanity finished

Our crew of Mission Humanity came back to Malta safe and sound. Thank you very much for your great effort and the rescue of 131 people.

September 21st 131 people rescued

Despite moderate weather, a couple of boats left Libya yesterday.

Our crew of Mission Humanity supplied one rubber boat with life jackets and took all 131 people on board of the IUVENTA. Among them twelve women, no children.

Our medical team treated two gunshot wounds and in spite of the circumstances, everyone was well.

In the late afternoon our crew handed the rescued over to Save the Children, who took everyone safely to Italy.

September 19th German-Japanese exchange

Lena, Alex and Sonja presented Jugend Rettet at the German-Japanese exchange in Berlin.

September 18th Cooperation with Humany Tee

With the start of Mission Humanity Humany Tee gives 60% from the profit of every sold shirt to us:

September 16th Start of Mission Humanity

Our fourth crew of Mission Humanity leaves Valetta today for their operation on the Med.

With Humanity we express our empathy for people on the run and the effort for the unlimited equivalence of all individuals. Especially people on the move should rate high within our society instead of being stigmatized. We demand the decriminalization of fleeing people as well as support and equal opportunity.

September 14th Ambassador network grows

We’re happy that our ambassador network keeps on growing. Currently there are 47 ambassadors and ambassadresses in many different European cities. Check it out:

September 12th 1,454 lives saved by Mission Responsibility

Within only one week our crew was a part of saving 1.454 lives. You already know about the first rescue where 280 people were rescued last Monday. Additionally our crew supplied 6 rubber boats with each 150 people from which our crew took 440 on board of the IUVENTA on Saturday.

On Sunday they were able to save 74 people of which 12 were children from wooden boats. Also on Sunday our dinghies rescued 200 people from an overcrowded rubber boat and handed them over the Boat Refugee Foundation. The crew reported that the people were in a very poor condition.

September 12th Crew 3 arrives in Valletta

The IUVENTA is now back to Malta. We thank our crew of Mission Responsibility for their great effort.

Crew member Kathrin about the operation: "When everyone wears their life jackets, it's time to breathe for the first time."

September 5th First rescue of Mission Responsibility

Our crew of Mission Responsibility rescued serveral boats with people in need for protection together with Proactiva and Moas. All in all the IUVENTA took 280 people from two rubber boats on board. 228 men, 48 women (of which nine were pregnant) and four children. The people got supplied with medical care and fresh clothes.
#jointherescue and donate now:

September 3rd We won at ZEIT ONLINE's Z2X Festival

The participants of the festival voted which project should get promoted in the future by Zeitonline. With 250 votes Jugend Rettet won. Thank you so much!

September 1st Start of Mission Responsibility

Our crew of Mission Responsibility leaves Malta today to start their operation. We wish you strength and are grateful for your valuable service. We decided on the name Responsibility as the organization, our crews, our ambassadors and our donors take responsibility instead of looking away. When people are forced to take such a dangerous escape route as there aren't any legal possibilities then the only thing left to say is that states fail to render assistance. #safepassage

August 27th Stories from board

Visit us on Instagram for stories from board:

August 20th End of Mission Equality

For our crew of Mission Equality a short mission with few application has come to an end. After a couple of uneasy days at sea too dangerous to attempt the crossing, they were able to conduct sea rescue of 140 people together with Moas and Sea Watch. Now they're back in Malta safe and sound. Thank you for your effort! #missionequality

August 5th Mission Equality starts

Our second crew left Valetta for the SAR-zone today at noon. We named the mission Equality as we stand up for everyone having equal rights. Everyone in maritime emergency deserves rescue, regardless how they got there and where they come from.

August 5th Mission Solidarity completed

Our first crew was able to rescue 1388 people in maritime emergency. We’re very proud and grateful.

August 2nd In the SAR for one week

July 30th IUVENTA in operational area

We’re in our operational area with IUVENTA for almost one week now and could save 1.228 people. Despite the revival measures two people couldn't be saved. We demand legal possibilities of entry.

July 30th 131 people rescued

Our crew saved 131 people, who were on a rubber boat. One baby among them.

July 29th First rescue mission

426 people in maritime emergency were rescued by our crew of "Mission Solidarity". They were in wooden and rubber boats on the way. The crew supplied 146 directly on board of the IUVENTA, additional 280 were stabilised with life jackets and supplied.

Everyone in maritime emergency deserves rescue.

July 27th There’s Jugend Rettet Merchandise

Sea rescue with a T-shirt? You asked for it - we did it. Join the rescue and wear our lovely T-shirts, zippers and jumpers. The profits are directly going to our mission Humanity. By the way, the merchandise is not only completely fair-trade, but also from organic cotton and very comfy:

July 24th Mission „Solidarity“ leaves for starting the rescue

The IUVENTA starts her first mission. Every of mission has its own name. We call the first one „Solidarity“. The IUVENTA leaves Valetta at 8:00 pm and will be located in the operational area (12 nautical miles from the Libyan coast) from 26th of July. A massive thanks goes out to the crew! We wish you great strength in your dedicated and important work.

July 22nd Thomas from Sea Watch shares his experiences

Thomas from Sea Watch shares his experiences, which he collected during three missions, with our first crew.

July 22nd Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium Nuremberg collects donations for Jugend Rettet

The Hans-Sachs Gymnasium in Nuremberg awards the title "school without racism" and collects on this initiative donations for Jugend Rettet. Many thanks to the school council for organizing this.

July 21st Spanish newspaper writes about Jugend Rettet

The Spanish newspaper europa press publishes an article about us.
→ Link

July 21st Preparation for the first mission

Our crew is currently preparing themselves for the first operation which starts this weekend. Navigator Nadja guides the safety training on board.

July 17th Għandi pjaċir, Valetta! - The Iuventa reaches Malta

Not too long now until the IUVENTA will fulfil her intended goal: rescue people in maritime distress. We reckon she will leave for her first mission on 24th of July.

July 14th Lena and Jakob in Rome at the MRRC

Lena and Jakob present Jugend Rettet today at the UNA VIS Meeting in Rome. All NGOs taking action in the Mediterranean, the Italian coastguard and the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, which coordinates all rescue operations on the Mediterranean are there for the meeting.

July 12th The IUVENTA passes the Pillars of Heracles

The IUVENTA passes the Pillars of Heracles and therefore officially arrived in the Mediterranean.

July 5th Football connects

A very special friendly match takes place: the ESV Neuaubing vs. SpVgg Unterhaching. The ESV Neuaubing is Bavarias first refugee team who plays in the Bavarian Football Association.

July 1st Stage for Peace Festival

We're happy to be a part of the first Stage for Peace Festival in Nuremberg taking place on 1st of July. 50% of the revenue will be donated to Jugend Rettet. We can only recommend to everyone from the area to grap your tickets and to support a good cause:

June 2016 One year Jugend Rettet

One year ago Lena and Jakob founded Jugend Rettet e.V. We’re all very proud of what we could achieve so far.

June 30th The Iuventa leaves Emden

The Iuventa leaves Germany for Malta to start her rescue missions within a couple of weeks from there.

June 24th Ship naming ceremony of IUVENTA

Our rescue ship received her official name „Iuventa“ on June 24th. Take a look at the pictures.

June 20th ZDFtivi reports

Mirko from the German tv cannel for children ZDFtivi visited us last week in Emden and Jakob showed him around the ship:

June 19th Lena at Rheingauer Wirtschaftsforum 2016

Within the Rheingauer Wirtschaftsforum 2016, Lena participated in debates on the topics „Female Shift“ and „War and Peace“.

June 13th Seminar on sea rescue

Proper preperation for our missions at the Mediterranean Sea is more than essential for us. Therefore a couple of Jugend Rettet crew members took a three-day training course on the subject of sea rescue on the sailing ship Thor Heyerdal. Thanks to Sea-Watch for the organization!

June 10th action medeor e.V.

action medeor e.V. donates the complete medicine equipment for our infirmary on board. Thank you very, very much!

June 9th Update on FluxFM

After our ship arrived in Emden, Pauline gave a little update on Flux FM.

June 9th Start of the reconstruction in Emden

If you’re interested in helping, send a mail with the reference „reconstruction“ to

→ photo album

June 8th The ship arrives in Emden

June 7th The ship got successfully reregistered

May 20th We received a large load of life jackets!

We received a large load of life jackets! Thank you, Elsfleth Kutterpull-Team!

Follow the link to see what else we need:

May 19th Sales agreement signed!

Jakob has just signed the ship's sales agreement!

May 10th Jugend Rettet at

Ambassador Jannik presented Jugend Rettet at

April 2016 Submission of the cost proposal for the ship

Launch of the second funding campaign on Betterplace. Supervised by our consultant the ship is lifted into the dry dock → The underwater hull as well as the external wall's thickness are looking good. Also the oars, propeller and bow thruster don't show any significant damages.

March 2016 German actors manifest their support

German actress Maria Furtwängler and German Actor Jan Josef Liefers manifest their support for Jugend Rettet choosing the most suitable ship and getting it checked by a referee.

March 20th Jugend Rettet joins initiative

Jugend Rettet joins the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft (ITZ)"

February 20th Start on

As of today our campaign on started.

39 days are left to donate - we need 80.000€ and 24.000€ are already collected.

Now we need you: Rescue too!

Each euro will help us to start our mission in June.

February 18th Making of our crowdfunding clip

Right now we're in the making of our crowdfunding clip!

February 15th Soli party in newyorck59

February 13th Ship inspection!

We went to the Netherlands today to visit the two ships that we consider as the best fit to our needs. Our expert gives us green lights about the machinery. More infos will follow soon!

February 10th Phase 1 almost complete!

Exciting news! The full 150.000€ which a ship will cost in our calculations, will be donated! Condition to this is, that we collect the money for conversion and running costs for the first month - 80.000€ - until March 31st. We are stunned by this generosity. To make the conversion happen as planned, beginning April 1st, we need you more than ever: Please support us by telling about us. Every little donation will bring us closer to our aim, to save human lives!

Thank you so much everyone, who already donated to us and spread our word. It is important now to get everything going, so the conversion for rescue missions can be realized.

January 20th Talk at Rotary Club Aachen

Last night Team Aachen, here a part of the team together with Rotary-President Jens Zier, presented Jugend Rettet at the Rotary Club. Keep up the good work! If you want to join Team Aachen, send an e-mail to Luisa!

Januar 16th Article on n-tv

"We want to use the aspect of being a youth organization as a leverage. If we can do this without any expertise, there is no excuse for the failure of government agencies." News broadcaster "n-tv Der Nachrichtensender" met the founding members Lena and Jakob. Enjoy reading!

January 14th Jugend Rettet goes poetry!

Today a support poetry slam took place for us. Thank you very much "Leuchtfeuerworte" for organizing this for us!

January 12th We are on Instagram!

Follow us on Instagram!

January 10th Donation status

Thank you for 16,500€! As always: tell your friends about us! Every donation counts. Thank you all for your great support! donate

January 9th Article in university magazine "Der Albrecht"

Der Albrecht, university magazine of the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, published and article about us. This too is a wonderful preparating lecture for our first open meeting in Kiel on january 19th. Our ambassador Matthis will answer you any questions you might have, notify him if you want to join!

Article in "Der Albrecht"

January 9th Support party in Berlin

Yesterday night we collected 349,55€ at our first support party! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us, as well as to our Berlin ambassador Sonja and her little rescuers!

January 7th Article in Aachener Nachrichten

The Aachener Nachrichten, a local newspaper, visitet our team in Aachen and published an article about us! If you want to join our team in Aachen, send a mail to Luisa. Article in Aachener Nachrichten

January 5th Party in Aachen

January 4th 2016 Article in K50 - Magazin für Köln und Region

The K50 - Magazin für Köln und Region recently published a small article about us. If you want to join our cause, contact our ambassador from Cologne Carlo.


December 17th Open meeting in Aachen and presentation of the movie Asyland in Bonn

Jakob and Luisa hold an open meeting at the RWTH Audimax and in Bonn we again attend a presentation of the movie Asyland.

December 15th Guests at the university radio Aachen

This morning you could hear our ambassador from Aachen at the local universitys radio Hochschulradio Aachen

December 14th Open meeting in Bonn

Our ambassador Tobi held an open meeting at the Institute for Anglistics and American Studies in Bonn.

December 13th Donation status

So far we have collected 10.300€ and thus financed more than 1,20m (3,5ft) of our ship. Thanks to everyone that has supported us so thoroughly so far. Regardless, we still need more money to be able to buy the ship. Share this post with your friends and tell them about our project. This is the only way we can buy the ship and set an example against the inactiveness of the governments. Every donation counts! We thank all our supporters. Donate here

December 12th Presentation of the movie Asyland in Hamburg

In Hamburg we again accompanied the presentation of the movie Asyland and the following discussion.

December 9th Christmas market in Trier

On two days, visitors of the christmas market in Trier could tinker christmas cards and support our mission to rescue. Thanks to ambassador Asa and all the little rescuers in Trier.

December 8th Open meeting in Nuremberg

December 2nd Visit from Jule Müller and presentation at the b.traven secondary school

Today, Jule from im gegenteilgave us a visit!

Aswell: "Why can't the people simply come with an airplane?" - We answered questions like this during our first presentation in a school, at the b.traven secondary school!

December 1st Open Meeting at Baiz Berlin and interview with FOCUS Online

Yesterday we have been at the Baiz in Berlin! We presented our project and answered many questions. We are glad about our new supporters.
You missed the date? We have a lot of upcoming events like open meetings, where you can ask us any questions and discuss with us.

Aswell, our founding member Jakob was interviewed by FOCUS Online! The article tells about launch and how we imagine the time on the ship. Worth a read! Link

November 29th Visiting the Paul-Löbe-Haus Berlin

Saturday we attended the "Conference »Refugees welcome«" at the Paul-Löbe-Haus in Berlin! In the workshop, private persons, organizations and societies exchanged their experiences and work. Within the different topics, international escape and the change of escape routes were very interesting for us. We are excited for further exchange!

November 26th Visiting Theater und Komödie at Kurfürstendamm Berlin

This evening, we visited the performance "Eine Familie" ("One Family") at Theater und Komödie am Kurfürstendamm. Big "thank you" to Santinis Production, which help us collecting funds.

November 24th Open meeting in Münster

November 23rd Visiting Radio Q in Münster

Today, Lena was guest at Radio Q in Münster. For everyone who missed it or is not from Münster, the interview can be found

November 22nd Presentation at the movie Asyland

Today we were given the opportunity to present ourselves at the screening of the new movie #Asyland. The movie depicts the story of refugees and their experiences in Germany. It becomes clear the we have to meet on eye level! very worth seeing. Our ambassadors Carlo from Cologne Tobi from Bonn where there aswell.

November 19th Open meeting in Potsdam

November 13th Harald Zindler consults Jugend Rettet + open meeting in Berlin Neukoelln

We are proud to present you and important consultant of Jugend Rettet: Harald Zindler, founding member of Greenpeace and head of several Greenpeace actions, like the risky occupation in Nordenham ( He aquired four ships himself and now consults us with buying our ship. Photo: Jann Wilken‬

November 11th Invitation to Heimathafen Neukoelln

The director of the stageplay "Ultimo Ratio" invited us to Heimathafen Neukoelln. Ultimo Ratio is based on a true story and was made from original documents. It tells the story of Aliyah and her husband Rooble, who are to be deported due to the Dublin III regulation. Aliyah can't take anymore: Escape from Somalia. Through the Sahara. Lampedusa. Homeless Aliyah ist am Ende ihrer Kräfte: Flucht aus Somalia. Durch die Sahara. Lampedusa. Without shelter and defence she was exposed to violence and abuse on the streets of Catania. - She could not bear that again. With their church asylum, the community Christophorus sets something against the authorities orders, and fights for Aliyah's story to be heard. After the stageplay, we had the opportunity to introduce us. We also had an information stand there. ‬

November 9th Open meeting in Cologne + first week of funding phase

We held our first open meeting in Cologne.
Simultaneously, the first week of the funding phase has ended and we are astonished: Gleichzeitig ging die erste Woche der Spendenphase vorbei und wir sind stunned: 6500 Euro! Thanks to the 17 supporters, that brought us closer to our first rescue mission.‬

November 7th Visiting Jugendmedientage (Youth Media Days) in Bonn

Our visit at the youth media days was a full success and we found a dedicated ambassador for Bonn. To let his ideas for actions become reality as soon as possible, he needs you as "little rescuers". If you live in Bonn and want to get active, send a mail to .

November 6th Nuremberg ambassador at Radio AFKmax

Our Nuremberg ambassador Jojo was invited to Radio AFKmax. Here you find a short recording:

November 2nd Start of 1. phase

The people on the Mediterranean are dying. We want and will not watch passively. This is why today the first of our three funding stages takes off. Until February 2016, we will collect a total of 270.000 Euro, to buy the ship and bring it to Hamburg for conversion. Each time a donation comes in, another part of the ship's design will be revealed: ../spenden. We need your donation, to set something against the European indifference and the situation on the Mediterranean to rescue people. Donate now!

November 1st Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

Today we presented our project at the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt! With your support we were able to collect 600€, which are fully invested into our ship.

October 31st Visit fromJugend Rettet our consultants to the dutch coast

We are steadily moving towards our first rescue mission. During a visit from Jugend Rettet and our consultants to the dutch coast, we inspected four ships. We took a closer look to the space on deck, the storage rooms and cranes aboard, to check whether they match our intent. The trip to the Netherlands was a big step for us. We are satisfied to see our plans become more tangible each day. Next time we visit the Netherlands, our way back will be aboard our ship. From monday on, we collect funds for that. Only two days until our first funding stage!

October 19th Start Twitter + opening of our donation account!

From now on you can follow us on Twitter, ask questions and discuss with us:
Aswell, we opened our donation account!

October 15th 2. open meeting in Berlin

We had many discussions at yesterdays meeting at Mehringhof. Especially the mission of the german marine was an important topic. For six weeks, two ships from the german marine where on a sea rescue mission. Now they are ought to be part of EU-mission "Sophia", to destroy smuggler networks. We research the background of this decision and have already met with a representative of the ministry of defense. Within short, a meeting with representatives of the Bundeswehr will follow. At our open meetings, we always bring you up to date.

October 12th Ambassador action Nuremberg

Right now we are present with our ambassador in Nuremberg and start the first flyer action.

October 10th Bundeswehr representatives report from their mission on the Mediterranean Sea

Exchange with representatives from the germany ministry of defense regarding the Bundeswehr participation in Operation Sophia and visit of the Joint Operations Command.

October 3rd Launch and first open meeting

Founding of the association Jugend Rettet, entry to register of associations.
Our first open meeting yesterday evening as a big success. Thanks everyone for attending. We will regularly repeat the presentation. If you have suggestions for locations in Berlin or other cities where we can present our cause, please mail to

September 27th goes online

Start of the website and Facebook page.

September 20th Common Good status accomplished!

Acceptance of our common public interest through financial authorities.

July 20th Shiptype determined!

We determined a dutch fishtrawler is the best ship to fulfill our needs.

July 2015 Founding of core team and building an ambassador network in Germany

June 2015 Examination of our concept

Examination of the concept from Jugend Rettet for financial and technical practicality. Estimates of cost are worked out, the legal base for our mission got clarified.

Early June 2015 The idea for Jugend Rettet originates.

News about dead in the Mediterranean every day. The idea to found Jugend Rettet originates. Opinions on the intent are obtained, experts and fellows sought. Contacts are established through captains, ship owners and organizations.